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Regional Flare, Localized Service

We’ve always thought the best part of food truck catering is having tasty flavors brought right to your street. A bite of Ireland, a burger from Oklahoma, a pinch of the West Coast. Our menu is a mix of personal favorites and Irish flair, and we’re not afraid to keep remixing based on what the newest member of our family likes (AKA you).

All of our food is made to order, which means after a short wait you’ll be tasting flavors so fresh you’ll swear you’re hearing bagpipes and just caught a glimpse of Connor McGregor.
We’re proud to locally source all of our meat from Jennifer Street Market.

Only Made to Order

Fresh & Local Ingredients

Bold Flavors, Brazen Combinations

Not Netflix – We Don’t Cancel Fan Favorites

Crowd-Sourced Menuing

Part of being bold means willing to take risks. It’s rare that you’ll come to events we’re catering on two different months and see the exact same menu. We adapt to our own changing tastes as well as our customers – keeping old favorites as we try out new items just to see what sticks. (Whoever said everything but the kitchen sink never tried a kitchen sink burger)

Our specialty is our delicious Smash Burgers, complete with appetizers and vegetarian options. Another fan favorite is the Oklahoma Onion Burger.


Want us to keep it? Order Our Catering and let us know in-person.

Paddy’s Patties’ People’s Pasts

Believe it or not, Paddy’s Patties didn’t one day materialize at Karben4 Brewing out of thin air. We started like most food truck companies do: with a childhood dream, a passion for cooking encouraged by friends, and the sort of passion and dedication that you cultivate working 70 hours a week on an oil rig.

Thank goodness for that last bit – like our burgers, our business was forged in fire. But we’ve learned, and grown, and adapted over the past year. The only thing that’s stayed the same from day 1 to day now is our welcoming attitude and commitment to your service.


Food Truck Location

Check back soon for our updated schedule

Our cooks are currently in the kitchen trying to figure out the next mind-blowing item to add to the menu, but if you want to know where we’ll pop up next, make sure to check our upcoming schedule.

Additionally, you can follow us on social media to get an alert on our locations and for a heads up on any special deals. 

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