Making Paddy’s Patties

What’s the recipe for a high-quality food truck that delivers on regional flavors so fresh you feel like you’re being transported?



Gather the above and let simmer for the foreseeable future, adding and subtracting recipes based on personal taste as well as audience preference.

We’ve been at this for a relatively short time, but our growth has been exponential. You can see it, you can taste it (or so we’ve been told). One thing we’re not going to lose is our willingness to experiment in our constant search for fresh, bold flavors. Our most recent win is discovering how big of a hit our nachos were (which we’re now adding to the menu).

Beyond that, one thing that never changes at Paddy’s Patties is a commitment to customer service and a welcoming environment. We’re the kind of folks that will remember your name and face because you’re part of our family.

Know what’s better than the feeling of having a cook in the family?
The taste of having a cook in the family.

Paddy’s Patties

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