Oklahoma Onion Burger

One of our hits, born from pure curiosity into what they were. Turns out the answer was simple: delicious. Onions, beef, and bun – a winning combination in all 50 states.

The West Coast

Simple, iconic, delicious. Don’t mess with the best recipe in the west

The Cowboy

Our traditional smash burger with a twist – barbecue sauce so spicy it’ll have you yelling yee-haw!

The Garden Gobbler

Forget the debates—watching you tear into this is how you get your friends to try vegetarian

The Ouch

WARNING: For Spice Lovers ONLY. (Named after those who thought they were lovers and found out they were just likers.)

Smash Burger

Locally sourced beef and flavor compressed into one delicious package. Learn why Paddy’s Smash Burger is a smash hit.

QBR Fries

Queso. Bacon. Ranch. So. Dang. Good.

Car Bomb*

*The interior of your car has been warned.

Henry’s Honeysticks

The jig is up – here’s the real reason everyone’s trying to save the bees.


Melted cheese paradise…Nacho average experience.


Food Truck Location

Check back soon for our updated schedule

Our cooks are currently in the kitchen trying to figure out the next mind-blowing item to add to the menu, but if you want to know where we’ll pop up next, make sure to check the and/or our upcoming schedule.

Additionally, you can follow us on social media to get an alert on our locations in addition to a heads up on any special deals. 

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